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Cassandra with yellow veil.
Photo by Nicole LeCorgne

  Where can you see Cassandra?

Video clips and photos of Cassandra can be found on her Pics & Vids page. Here's information on her regular classes. For details on Cassandra's performances, workshops, and seminars here and around the world, click on the events below.


Oasis Dance Camp Egypt (Mar)


Blossom Festival (May)
Caravan Under the Stars (May)


Keep up with Cassandra by visiting her on Facebook.

    About Cassandra

Cassandra Wadaa.
Photo by Donna Kelly


The StarTribune called Cassandra "her royal highness of Middle Eastern and belly dance"! Nice!

"What you teach is a gourmet feast full of history and served with glamour. You are more than a teacher to me; you are my inspiration, my idol."

--A long-time student


"Two words describe her -- The Best! Cassandra's artistry, her presentations, her creativity, her precision, her passion, her technique, her authenticity, her dynamics -- she is simply the best of this generation's contemporary dancers. You owe it to yourself and to your art to take advantage of this opportunity to study with Cassandra. Regardless of your level or experience, you will benefit from a class with Cassandra. She is a supportive teacher: patient, challenging, but not intimidating. Watching her perform is a thrilling experience and one you will not soon forget."

--Jean Courter
Director, Oasis Dance Camp

"Like many Middle Eastern dance enthusiasts, I am an American woman with a modest income and diverse interests - long distance sea kayaking, piano jazz, wilderness backpacking, and Egyptian style nightclub dance. I have been attending Middle Eastern style dance classes, dance workshops, and dance camps for the past 24 years from Australia to Egypt, and no where have I seen a dance instructor as accomplished as Cassandra Shore in the art of teaching others how to interpret and move to the music. Cassandra meets the student where the student is at, and helps that person bring out as yet undiscovered talent with respectful guidance and a great sense of humor. Cassandra's fees are truly reasonable and competitive with those of any dance instructor in America. She is also the best in Middle Eastern Dance choreography, and one can literally see the music through her body's movements. In conclusion, I heartily recommend Cassandra to students of every skill level, as there is so much to be gained by having Cassandra in your midst."

--Eve Fieldhouse, M.A., CCC-SLP

"This summer [2013] MEDEA (Middle Eastern Dance Education Alliance) of Boulder, Colorado was pleased to host Cassandra for two workshops and a hafla. We knew Cassandra would challenge the advanced/professional level dancers and also expose the less experienced dancers to technical and cultural depth that is hard to find these days. She exceeded our hopes and expectations! Judging by the comments we received--as well as the looks on people's faces--many dancers realized that Cassandra was presenting another whole level for them to explore in their dancing.

Cassandra has a profound understanding of the music, and helps her students to develop it too. Her layering of techniques is unsurpassed, and yet she embodies clarity and naturalness in movement. I have studied with her for over 30 years and she continues to challenge, amaze, and inspire me.

Many of us become complacent, get in a rut, or just reach a plateau in our dancing, and may not even know it. Cassandra really opened up new possibilities for Front Range dancers. We worked hard, and enjoyed every minute of it! I am convinced that dancers owe it to themselves--and to our art form--to study with Cassandra!

And as for her performance at our hafla: she is the rare dancer who draws me in totally, to the point where I don't analyze or interpret, but am totally engaged and filled with delight. Her technique becomes transparent, revealing a stunning depth of emotion and joy in movement. Watching her dance is a pure pleasure."

--Heidi (Chandani) Todd


Logo of AACI.


Cassandra is a board member of the Arab American Cultural Institute.

The Arab American Cultural Institute (AACI) serves as a bridge between American and Arab communities by providing opportunities to learn more about the Arab world and highlighting Arab and Arab-American cultural contributions. (Follow the Institute on Facebook.)


Cassandra's radio program as part of KFAI's celebration of International Women’s Dayin 2011: Distant Voices, Forgotten Songs: Women Musicians of the Arab World. (It's a large mp3 file, so be patient!)

In August 2014, Cassandra was interviewed on CBS Local as a Minnesotan to Meet. And she certainly is!


Photo by Andre Elbing

Image of Cassandra performing Tunisian.
performing Tunisian

  Spotlight on YOU!

Have you reached a plateau in your dance development? Feeling frustrated? Need a little help with that difficult part of the music you love? Want to audition for a professional gig but don’t know what to do? Just don’t have enough time to put that performance CD together? Stymied by choreography? Preparing for a performance or contest and want an honest critical eye?

Cassandra is available to help you move toward a more exciting and powerful performance presentation; let her coach YOU towards your personal best. Her 36 years of experience in the Middle Eastern dance field is at your service!

Cassandra is available for:
   • Private lessons
   • Performance/choreography coaching
   • Costume consultation
   • Performance routine music compilation
   • Arabic music for dance education
   • Choreography (solo or group)

These are just a few topics that comprise her expertise…your ideas for your dance development are welcome and encouraged!

For group/troupe consultations, it’s preferable to consult at your rehearsal location. (2 hour minimum fee.)

Fee: $75.00/hour; $40.00 ½ hour
Payment can be arranged with Cassandra at time of scheduling. She will accept cash, check, or credit card.

Contact Cassandra:
   • cassandra@jawaahir.org
   • 612-872-6050
   • Cassandra Shore, 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis MN 55406

  Cassandra's Bio

Cassandra Shore (Jawaahir Artistic Director) is recognized as one of the world’s foremost performers and choreographers of Middle Eastern dance. With an early background in Wigman and Graham styles of modern dance, Cassandra embraced Middle Eastern dance in the early 1970s as a student of San Francisco’s Jamila Salimpour. From the outset, her artistic intensity, her mastery of the form’s technical complexity, and her lyrical grace and musicality set her apart from other artists. Since then, she has studied and performed with some of the world’s leading Middle Eastern artists. She has been honored twice as the only non-Arab dancer to perform at the annual Arabic festival, Maharajan al-Fan, in New York City; and Palestinian oud superstar Simon Shaheen calls her his “choreographer of choice.” Cassandra’s background in modern dance, with a flavoring of Jazz and Flamenco, drove her to explore ways to move Middle Eastern dance “beyond the museum,” and to create original, theatrically-inspired choreography that blends traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern forms. Inspired and encouraged when she saw other Arab artists moving in this direction, Cassandra founded Jawaahir Dance Company in 1989 as a way to showcase this exciting work as a vibrant living art form.




Cassandra is a much sought after performer and workshop instructor
both internationally and in the United States.
For more information click the links above or
Email Cassandra


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