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Cassandra's CollegeSM Fall 2012
Our experience is your advantage!

Cassandra’s College was created to expand and enhance students' knowledge and dance experience. Classes and workshops are offered in topics that are important for dancers to learn but don't fall into the usual format of dance classes. Cassandra says, "Join us for higher education!"

On-line registration is now available. Printable flyer here.

Class Information
Monday and Wednesday, August 27 - September 26
All workshops are taught by Cassandra except the Tribal Fusion class.
All workshops are at 3010 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis. (Location info here.)

Each 2-hour workshop: $40

Online: Fill out the online registration form and pay with PayPal, credit card, check (blue or black ink only), or cash.
By phone: Call the office at 612-872-6050 and give us your credit card information.
At the door: Just come to the workshop and give us a check or cash, or fill out a credit card information form.




Cassandra Belly Dancing photo.

Scheikhatt costume demo photo.
Sheikhatt Costume Demo

Nailyat photo.

Cassandra doing floorwork.
Cassandra's Backbend

Mistress Tara.
Mistress Tara

Veil Conceal.
Veil Conceal

Veil Reveal.
Veil Reveal


Ghawazee: Dance Style of the Egyptian Gypsies
Monday, August 27, 7:30-9:30pm

Ghawazee are earthy, lively public performers, banned to the south of Egypt in the 1850’s; they are the link to the Egyptian historical style. Known for their rapid hip movements, finger cymbal playing, signature choreographic forms, and showmanship! Bring finger cymbals.


Baladi Improvisational Style
Wednesday, August 29, 7:30-9:30pm

The baladi, or baladi progression, is a classic urban Egyptian dance style. Baladi was the traditional basis of a professional dancer’s performance in the past, and is still one of the most exciting and emotional parts of a modern show. It is ALWAYS improvised. We’ll discuss, learn movements, and practice how to listen and move to this style.




Scheikhatt: Professional Dancers of Morocco
Monday, September 3, 7:30-9:30pm

Like the Ghawazee, the Scheikhatt are well-known for their earthy, sometimes explicit dance style, incorporating strong pelvic movements, ancient hand gestures, footwork, and dancing while on their knees. Bring finger cymbals and knee pads.


Ouled Nail Dance: Professional Dancers of Algeria
Wednesday, September 5, 7:30-9:30pm

Made famous in the West by their photos in National Geographic of 1911, these courtesan/dancers exhibited incredible muscle isolation and control. Nailyat style has nearly been extinguished in Algeria! Please bring two light square scarves.




Acrobatics for Floorwork
Monday, September 10, 7:30-9:30pm

The beautiful acrobatic floorwork section of the classic American or Greek nightclub show was an emotional and physical crescendo of every dancer’s show. Many of these techniques are almost lost. We’ll practice the movements, talk about the appropriate music and place in the show (and venue), work on graceful and spectacular ways to go up and down from the floor (including correct Turkish drop technique), and improvise through a short floorwork segment. Bring knee pads and a mat or towel to kneel on. (Some mats are available at the studio.)


Tribal Fusion with Mistress Tara
Wednesday, September 12, 7:30-9:30pm
Taught by Mistress Tara

This class includes an exploration of the evolution of Tribal Fusion, the importance of strength and flexibility, execution of basic Fusion techniques, contrast between Egyptian and Fusion techniques, and some Fusion combinations.

Mistress Tara was a cabaret dancer who performed regularly at many local venues for over 35 years. Over the past 5 years she has taken over 450 hours of Tribal Fusion training from the top dancers in the field. She has performed at 3rd Coast, Tribal Fest, and in 2011, she was invited to dance in Ariellah’s Shadow Dance show in San Francisco.


Create Your Own Cymbal Solo
Monday, September 17, 7:30-9:30pm

Finger cymbal solos are fun, and they are a sure crowd pleaser! We’ll work on a very short pre-constructed solo and then work with rhythmic ideas and patterns to create your own solo, at your level! Bring your favorite finger cymbals.


Putting the “Belly” in Belly Dance
Wednesday, September 19, 7:30-9:30pm

Stomach isolations were an American cabaret imperative. They still add spice and interest to performance. Techniques and exercises to perfect those techniques will be covered, and you’ll learn the secret of rolling those coins….


Conceal and Reveal: Classic American Veilwork
Monday and Wednesday, September 24 and 26, 7:30-9:30pm

The drape and wrap of the veil on the body, and the sensuous way it is removed and danced, is a beautiful moment in time. It’s also one of the best ways to distinguish your personal style through unique wrapping and veil management skills. This is a two-segment class, in order to allow time for creativity in wrapping and exploration of removal techniques, as well as hearing and discussing the appropriate music and place in performance. Bring a chiffon veil (NOT silk) of at least three yards. (Some veils are available for use at the studio.) These workshops are progressive, so you get 4 hours of veilwork!!

On-line registration is of course available!

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