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Cassandra's College Flyer

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Cassandra's CollegeSM Fall 2010
Our experience is your advantage!

Cassandra’s College was created to expand and enhance students' knowledge and dance experience. Classes and workshops are offered in topics that are important for dancers to learn but don't fall into the usual format of dance classes. Cassandra says, "Join us for higher education!"

On-line registration is now available. Printable flyer here.

Class Information
Monday September 20 and Monday-Thursday, Sept 27-30
All classes will be taught by Cassandra except the Yoga class.
All classes will be held in the Minneapolis studio.

Each workshop: $40

Cassandra’s College contains courses appropriate for students of all levels.
The course levels are:
   U = Undergraduate: 0–2 years of Middle Eastern dance study
   G = Graduate: 2–5 years
   P = Professional: 5+ years

Online: Fill out the online registration form and pay with PayPal, credit card, check (blue or black ink only), or cash.
By phone: Call the office at 612-872-6050 and give us your credit card information.
At the door: Just come to the workshop and give us a check or cash, or fill out a credit card information form.


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Catherine Liska


Taqasim in Performance
Monday, September 20, 6:00-8:00pm

What constitutes a Taqasim (melodic improvisation) and how does a dancer deal with it to make it part of a great dance show? We'll work with different instruments and taqasims, both "on the beat" and with an underlying pulse.

Suggested levels: G + P


Beautiful Arms and Hands
Monday, September 27, 6:00-8:00pm

A most stunning and graceful detail in your dance, as well as an important component of individual style! We'll work with exercises and arm & hand movements, with and without classic Oriental Dance moves. We focus on finding your center of beautiful arm movements and positions.

Suggested levels: Open to all levels


Turkish/Greek Cabaret Karshilama
Tuesday, September 28, 6:00-8:00pm

Learn some exciting, lively steps suitable for solo performance anywhere! This fast-paced 9/9 rhythm is sure to awaken and enliven audiences and dancers. Bring cymbals and big skirt.

Suggested levels: Open to all levels


To Zill or Not to Zill, That Is the Question...
Wednesday, September 28, 6:00-8:00pm

A fun class exploring the how, why, and when of using your finger cymbals in your performance. Cymbal technique familiarity required.

Suggested levels: G + P


Yoga Meets Belly Dance
Thursday, September 30, 6:00-8:00pm
Taught by Catherine Liska

Laugh, Stretch, Dance, Play……CELEBRATE YOU!!! This workshop interweaves yoga-based approaches of conscious breathing and simple stretches with the joyful movements and music of Middle Eastern Dance. By letting go of the “external” and tuning into our breath and flow of movement, each dancer finds her true strength – the strength of her spirit. Flowing upwards through the chakras, the music will support us as we explore the Elements of Nature and our own, unique “Dancer’s Spirit,” ending with a closed-eyes meditation to center and relax.

Suggested levels: Open to all levels

Catherine Siri Sat Kaur Liska received her Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification in 2003. Her lifelong love of “wiggling”, music, and the arts in general led her to pursue an avocation in dance and a career in architecture. Formerly a member of Jawaahir Dance Company (1992 – 2005) and a teacher at The Cassandra School, she continues to teach and perform Middle Eastern Dance. In addition to having received her Master Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing attunements she is a recent graduate from the Global Somatics Practitioner Certificate Program, continuing her journey toward an embodied understanding of body/mind/ consciouness and the human energy field. She LOVES sharing the amazing wisdom of the body/spirit with one and all!!!

On-line registration is of course available!

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