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Beledi Beat
2018 Winter Beledi Beat

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2017 Fall Beledi Beat

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2017 Summer Beledi Beat

Spring 2017
2017 Spring Beledi Beat

beledi beat
2017 Winter Beledi Beat

Beledi Beat
2016 Fall Beledi Beat

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2016 Summer Beledi Beat

beledi beat
2016 Spring Beledi Beat

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2016 Winter Beledi Beat

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Beledi Beat, Jawaahir's Newsletter


Let us know if you want to hear about all the great stuff we’re doing, and read all the fascinating background information on our artists.

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     Recent Issues

Article Titles


Winter 2018

Note from Cassandra
Oasis Dance Camp Egypt with Cassandra
Upcoming Events


Fall 2017

Note from Cassandra
Amwaaj Member Profiles
Tim O'Keefe
Laura Harada
Dawn Doering
Mohamed Lulu
Yaron Klein
Kim Salisbury
Stephen Spaise
Thank You
Upcoming Events


Summer 2017

Note from Cassandra
Jawaahir Apprentice Profiles
Katie Burton
Megan Cunningham
Denise Domack
Paula Miller
Jessica Paquin
Kate Southwick
Upcoming Events


Spring 2017

Note from Cassandra
The Cassandra School Launches New Website
Bellydance Blossom Festival
Upcoming Events


Winter 2017

Note from Cassandra
More than a Place to Dance
Um Kalthoum
The Torso
Tent Cloth
Bedouin Necklace
Upcoming Events


Fall 2016

Note from Cassandra
Michael Ibrahim
Sarah Jones Larson
Thank You!
Upcoming Events


Summer 2016

Special Note from our writer, Patricia Cumbie
Sarah Jones Larson—The Spirit of Shoma
Hilary Smith—The Force Backstage
Jawaahir Dance Company will be performing in the Fringe Festival
Upcoming Events


Spring 2016

Notes from Cassandra
Cassandra and Kay Hardy Campbell Bring Shoma Back!
Invitation to Jawaahir's Caravan under the Stars Gala & Fundraiser
Upcoming Events
Patrick's Cabaret Building Is Sold


Winter 2016

Notes from our new General Manager
Shelley Thomas World Music Vocalist
Jawaahir Year in Review
Upcoming Events


Fall 2015

Notes from Cassandra
Sing To Me A Little
Yasmina Ramzy Reflects on Jawaahir Experience
Upcoming Events


Summer 2015

Notes from Cassandra
Michael Ibrahim and Ghada Derbas in Jawaahir's Annual Show: Sing To Me A Little
Upcoming Events


Spring 2015

Notes from Cassandra
Caravan Under the Stars
Cassandra's 2015 Weeklong Oriental Dance Intensive
Upcoming Events


Winter 2015

Notes from Cassandra
A Rare and Unique Opportunity
Upcoming Events


Fall 2014

Notes from Cassandra
Sahra Saeeda: A Force of Nature
Thank You!
Upcoming Events


Summer 2014

Notes from Cassandra
Yasmina Ramzy: Acclaimed Choreographer and Dance Visionary
Upcoming Events


Spring 2014

Notes from Cassandra
Celebrating 25 Years of Jawaahir Dance Company
The Full Quotes from our Friends


Winter 2014

Notes from Cassandra
Personal Feature: Tim O'Keefe


Fall 2013

Notes from Cassandra
Personal Feature: Ali Amr
Personal Feature: Hend al Mansour
"Bring Cassandra the Rhythm" Fund
Thank You!


Summer 2013

Notes from Cassandra
Personal Feature: Nidal Ibourk
"Bring Cassandra the Rhythm" Fund


Spring 2013

Notes from Cassandra
Betwannes Beek: link, lyrics, and translation
Spotlight on Cassandra School Instructor Jenny Piper


#5 2012

Notes from Cassandra
Warda - The Algerian Rose
Level 1 Class - Learning the Basics


Fall 2012

Sparkle, Too! Gems from Jawaahir
Thank You!
We are a Nexus of Rhythm!


Summer 2012



Spring 2012

Nikolai Ruskin
We're Moving!
Get Cassandra Dancing Fund
Cassandra’s 2012 Weeklong Intensive


Winter 2012

Meet Karim Nagy— Percussionist/Dancer Extraordinaire!
Henna Party!


Fall 2011

Special People You'll Meet at the Festival:
--Ruby Beh, Turkish Oriental
--Dahlena, Raks Sharqi Master
Thank You!


Summer 2011

Golden Nights on the Silver Screen
The Ritz Theater
November Festival


Spring 2011

Nicole LeCorgne
FoOD for the Soul
Annual Gala


Winter 2011

Weeklong Intensive Preview
Henna Party!


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