Mission Statement

Jawaahir Dance Company is dedicated to presenting Middle Eastern dance as a living art form at its highest artistic level, to bringing the rich folkloric heritage of the Middle East to the theater stage, and to providing education about the dance in its authentic form for dance students and the general public. In carrying out our mission, we strive to make our work culturally, financially, and physically accessible to the public. You can support Jawaahir's mission by making a tax deductible donation.Donate

Please Consider Donating 

We acknowledge your inspiring commitment to supporting the arts in the midst of Covid-19 and the unprecedented difficulties it brings. Thank you for considering our organization during these especially challenging times. We are truly grateful
for the generous support of Friends like you. Together, we build a stronger
setting for programs that help Jawaahir shine into the future, maintaining our
essential relationship to the roots of the dance.Donate NOW